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Effort vs. Results

| Junaid Kajee | No Comments

Most children believe that receiving high marks for a test / exam serves as an indication of their intelligence and by extension, their propensity for success. Most adults believe the same thing.

A Few Thoughts on Thoughts

| Junaid Kajee | No Comments

Our thoughts are without doubt, one of the most intimate, hidden parts of our lives.

The Shortest Path To Progress

| Junaid Kajee | No Comments

In any group of people, some individuals will progress more than others. Onlookers will say that a number of factors contribute to the success of these individuals: Luck, courage, grit, focus, perseverance, vision, passion, purpose etc.

Attention Is For Investing

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In my work with people from varying backgrounds and walks of life, I’ve found that the majority of the struggles people experience are often linked to (in no particular order):

I Believe In You

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Having someone else believe in us propels us to heights we’d never imagined. Witnessing another human being’s confidence in you will infuse you with courage and determination.