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Words Matter

| Junaid Kajee | No Comments

The words we use when speaking to others have the potential to either destroy or empower them. The same applies to the words we use when speaking to ourselves. Across…

The Cult of Average

| Junaid Kajee | No Comments

There are dozens of theories (some proven, others not so much) about the effect that your environment habits, routines and friendships will have on you. Most of them contain the…

Where’s The Value?

| Junaid Kajee | No Comments

A mission statement may sound quite impressive, but does it add any real value to the work your company/organisation is doing? It’s great to be driven to your wedding in an…


| Junaid Kajee | No Comments

Rarely, are critics able to duplicate the accomplishments of the people they criticise. Yet they criticise them anyway. Most of the people who have negative comments about you, your work…