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At The End of the Journey of Life

In the End…

1. You won’t regret the time you spent with your loved ones. If anything, you’ll wish you’d spent even more of your life with them.

2. You won’t regret saying ‘I Love You’ over and over, to your children /spouse /parents.

3. You won’t find yourself wishing you had watched more TV or surfed the Internet more.

4. You’ll be glad you took the time to stop for a few moments each day to give your children a hug and kiss and look into their eyes and tell them, “I Love You”.

5. You will be happy you sought forgiveness from those you hurt. The pain of hurting another human-being is a barrier that will keep you from leading a great life.

6. It won’t really matter whether you were richer, more famous or more beautiful than everyone else. The numbers on your report-cards and the amount of qualifications you had won’t matter any more.

7. Everyone else’s opinion of you won’t mean much to you.

8. You will be happy that you made time to find your life’s work and used your energies to pursue it.

9. Your net worth won’t really matter.

10. You won’t wish you had updated Facebook or Twitter even more.

11. You won’t regret carrying out routine acts of kindness.

12. The car you own or the location of your home won’t matter anymore. The designer closets or outrageously expensive kitchens won’t be of much meaning anymore.

13. You’d be willing to exchange everything you own for a few more minutes of life.

14. You’ll wish you had spent more time to find yourself.

15. You won’t regret not following the news or not reading the newspapers enough.

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