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16 Questions To Help You Redefine The Way You Live

A Call To Do Work That Matters

Note: I wrote this post at the end of 2015. Don’t look at it as another blog update; treat it as a reminder to do something, anything¬†that matters.¬†

Take out a pencil and a page.
Answer each of these questions. Don’t stop to check your grammar or rephrase anything.

Just write the answers down and when you’re done, read through them.

Many people live with a deep-seated frustration that is born from the realisation that each year they witness is merely a duplication of the year before.

Year after year, they have the same habits, dreams, goals and level of unhappiness. Eventually, they live simply because they have to; not because they yearn to.

If you respond as truthfully as possible, these 16 questions will provide you with answers that will help you to drastically restructure the way you live.

1. What do you believe your purpose in life to be?

2. Are you doing what you love? If not, why?

3. What would you list as your greatest talents?

4.When last have you done something for someone without expecting or receiving anything in return?

5. When you go to bed do you look forward to waking up the next morning?

6. What do you think / believe will bring you happiness?

7. When last have you had a complaint-free week (7 days without complaining about anyone or anything) ?

8. How serious do you think you are about your diet and general health? List the steps you’ve taken (if any) to safeguard your health.

9. If your spouse/parents/children were asked to list your priorities, would they list themselves at the top?

10. If you could be doing anything else with your life, what would it be?

11. What does your life need more of?

12. What does your life need less of?

13. How are you finding solutions to questions 11 & 12?

14. What does wealth mean for you?

15. If you could accomplish just 1 major, outrageous, bold goal within the next 12
months, what would it be?

16. At the end of your life, what do you not want to regret?

Please, don’t allow the date to be the only new thing about next year.

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