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2 Things Your Marriage Doesn’t Need

There are lots of ways to ensure that your marriage becomes and remains a deeply fulfilling relationship that brings deep-seated contentment to you and your spouse. If you’re an avid reader or Internet user you’ve most likely come across many articles,books & blogs reminding you of what your marriage needs more of. As with everything in life we sometimes get so caught-up in trying to focus on what to put in that we ignore the things that need to be removed. And knowing what needs to be removed from a certain aspect of your life is just as important as knowing what to put in.

If you’re interested in bringing a new level of serenity to your marriage, here are 2¬†things it definitely doesn’t need.

#1. Hatred

To be one-half of a relationship whose very premise is unconditional love, your heart must have no place for hatred. You can’t love completely if hatred has a home in your heart. Regardless of how much a person justifies his/her hatred for someone else, that very same hatred will gradually rob him/her of inner-serenity. I’m not only talking about hatred towards your spouse. I’m referring to every single type of hatred.

Make it your task to confront & conquer the hatred/resentment you have towards people from your past. Work through the anger you feel towards the people around you. Anger is like a blazing inferno that destroys peace of mind. For you and your spouse to craft a marriage that is defined by love,peace & understanding, walk away from the fire of hatred.

#2. Blame

Too many couples spend their lives evading responsibility and looking for new ways to pass the buck onto each other. Not only in marriage, but in almost every other sphere of our lives we’ve become addicted to blaming others for situations we bring upon ourselves. Maybe we like to blame because it absolves us of any accountability?

Blaming your husband/wife for the state of your marriage,finances,health etc. does nothing to improve your situation.It only increases the resentment in his/her heart. It’s just another way to hurt your spouse. When you stop blaming, you can start making progress.

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