3 Questions To Craft A Life You Adore

By 31/05/2013August 21st, 2016Junaid Kajee

It is said that sometimes the question provides half the answer. When we ask ourselves the correct questions and we commit to being brutally honest with ourselves, we begin to identify the areas of our lives which require the most attention.

To gain a bit of perspective take a few minutes to ponder over and answer the following simple questions. Review your answers after a week.

1. How will you leave your mark on the world? (At the end of the road, what would your life have stood for?)

2. Are you progressing each day? (Too many people are in the same place today that they were at 10 years ago)

3. In the last hour of your life what will your greatest regrets be? I read an article recently where the author said “Nobody wants to be the richest person in the graveyard.Nobody will regret not making more money”. ( Some people will regret not spending enough time with their loved ones, others will regret not taking the time to live – When you can answer this question, you have a good idea of the areas of your life which need your immediate,urgent attention)

Be bold enough to ask yourself the difficult questions in life and start living.

Important Principle:The questions you’re avoiding are usually the ones you need to be answering