3 Questions To Help You Do Work That Keeps You Happy

3 Questions To Help You Do Work That Keeps You Happy

Everyone’s looking for answers.

Citizens want to know why the president isn’t doing enough for the country. Bosses want to know why their employees are under-performing. Spouses want to know what they need to do to grow their marriage. Schools want to know what to do with teenagers. Teenagers want to know what to do with their lives. The media wants know what new shock-and-awe tactic they can use to get as many people as possible to read, retweet, like, click, share, buy or watch their content. Bloggers want to know how to get their blog posts to go viral. Marketers want a way to get 100 000 people to join their mailing lists. Everyone wants to know something and that something often corresponds to their definition of progress.

I don’t know what kind of progress you’re looking for, but these questions may help:

1. Why?

Why did you choose a specific career? Why does your business service the niche that it does? Why did you marry ? Why do you get angry?

When you do something without knowing why, without being so passionately invested in it that you can stand up and defend it in front of 1 person or a thousand, you leave out the secret ingredient to massive success. In fact, this lack of purpose eventually manifests itself in every other important area of your life. If you can’t identify a reason to pursue your life’s work how will you identify a vision for every other important area of your life?

Simon Sinek says you should Start With Why. You need to have a “why” so powerful that you’ll write or speak or code or design or teach even if nobody wants to listen to what you have to say or read what you write or learn what you’re teaching. You’ll do your work because you have been given the gifts necessary to make an impact on the world.

Answering why helps you stay on course. Knowing where you want to end-up helps you get there. Knowing your WHY is the fuel that drives you to keep going especially when nobody understands your journey.

2. Are you using your talents?

There’s a difference between being good at something and loving to do something. You might be good at it, but does that mean it’s worth dedicating your life to? If you have a love of something but you never actually pursue it, a small part of you will always remain unfulfilled. you’ll find yourself constantly yearning in the pursuit of something you can’t define.

On the other hand, you might love to do something and when you get a chance to do it, you realise you don’t really like it that much. Yet something indescribable happens when you use your talents in the avenues they were given to you for. You begin to discover fulfilment. You become driven by your soul’s yearning for meaning. You begin to radiate happiness because you’re doing what you were created for and using the gifts you’ve been blessed with.

Does each day see you using your unique gifts to make the world a better place, to leave a legacy that you can be proud of?

3. Does it pass the Monday-morning test?

Today is Monday. Thousands of people woke up today wishing the weekend had a few more days. They force themselves to get up and go through the motions of their daily lives. Some will call in sick at work even if they aren’t. They’re feeling like that because their work doesn’t pass the Monday-morning test.

How is it that we have “blue” Mondays during the year but never when we’re on holiday? Have you ever woken up on a Monday while on holiday and found yourself wishing it wasn’t Monday? The answer is no. Because there isn’t something wrong with Mondays, there something wrong with what happens on a Monday.

The Monday-morning test simply means this: What work do you look forward to doing on a Monday morning? What is it that makes your heart burst with excitement? What would you love to do even if you didn’t get paid for it? Think about this, write down your answer. Write down a hundred answers if you need to. Once you dump all your thoughts on a page you’ll eventually be able to identify what it is that will pass your Monday-morning test. And that’s what you need to be doing.That’s the direction in which you need to be going. That’s where a huge portion of your happiness lives.

You deserve happiness. Go out and find it.

Sometimes, a great life isn’t about answers ; it’s about asking the right questions.

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