3 Tactics to Grow Your Potential

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3 Master-Moves to Grow Your Potential

We’ve all heard and read tonnes about potential and how to nurture it. So much so that the word itself has become something of a cliché. Whilst there are many ways to look after the potential you have; one of the easiest ways to grow your potential is to disrupt the routine you find yourself in and constantly redefine the boundaries within which you’re living.


3 Ways to Discover Your Brilliance

1. Surround yourself with people who are leading their lives in the way you’d like to live. If for example, you want to be more productive you’ve got to connect with people who are using their time effectively. This will enable you to learn their strategies and duplicate their tactics in your own life. One of the easiest ways to create lasting habits is to emulate those people who are already living those habits.

2. Become a lifelong learner.Use books,seminars & courses to regularly update your skills and  challenge your mind. If you’re not going to constantly challenge, enhance and redefine your perspectives, you’re probably not going to progress very much either. Never before has it been easier to access the thoughts & teachings of the greatest minds on the planet. If you’re serious about progress, become serious about learning.

3. Know your comfort-zone and then get out of it. Remember that nobody makes progress unless they’re challenged by their circumstances. Step out of this zone and you begin to grow towards the best version of you. Regardless of how talented you may be, your talents will only be unearthed completely when you have the courage to venture into the areas you’ve been avoiding.

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