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30 Essentials for the Journey of Life – Junaid Kajee

We are all travellers on the path of life. Working towards a common final destination, what differentiates the achievers in life from the failures is not the amount of perishable possessions we accumulate, but the lasting treasures we inculcate & nurture within ourselves.

Life does not need to be an existence characterised by hatred, grief, regret, uncertainty & mediocrity. Days are not meant to be periods of wakefulness where you force yourself to trudge through a bunch of activities related to your marriage, business or family simply because you have to. You have the innate ability to make the changes required to transform your “existence” into a “life”. A life you adore. A life you look forward to waking up to.

To help you on your journey of self-discovery and personal mastery I’ve put together this little compilation. It contains 30 simple observations for you to read,reflect on and share.

Download: 30 Essentials for the Journey of Life

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