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5 Life-Changing Moves You Need to Make

If you’re serious about leading a world-class life; a life that brings you not only an income but also the chance to make a massive impact, you’re probably quite familiar with the fact that turning any dream into reality is only possible by making small, consistent improvements in your life.

Nobody ever led a great life simply by wishing for it. Nobody ever climbed a mountain by talking about it. But millions the world over have learnt to seize their dreams and improve their lives simply by taking a few steps towards their goals, each day.

Sadly, too many people are happy to just talk about the kind of life they want. They’re more than happy to blame others for their unhappiness. They have dreams that will remain dreams because they choose never to take any action. Here are 5 tactics to set you on the path to an extraordinary life.

1. Get up earlier

There’s no question about the fact that getting up before everyone else helps you to achieve more than everyone else. It takes a lot of willpower and sometimes you’ll feel like it just isn’t worth it but trust me, it is.  Quick tip: Go to bed early if you’re serious about getting up and seizing the life you could be leading. Turn off all your electronic notifications way before going to bed to allow your mind to relax.

2. Read more

If you’re not already reading daily,start! Reading will help broaden the horizons of your mind and enhance your creativity. Read books that will enhance your life. Good books will increase your knowledge and widen the impact of your life’s work. If you’re serious about progress, get serious about learning.

When you read, you learn. People who get to the top only manage to stay there because they’ve become committed to lifelong learning.

3. Maintain strong relationships with people who will force you to aim higher

If you associate with people who gossip, you’re going to start gossiping. Mix with people who complain about everything and you’re going to become a serial complainer. Starting now,  associate with people who are leading lives of purpose.

Forge friendships with people who are focused,driven & motivated. Network with individuals who are making an impact on the world and leading lives they can be proud of. The company you keep inevitably dictates the person you become and the mindset you will have.

An Arabic proverb says, “Tell me who your friends are and I will tell you who you are”.

4.  Become a fan of your loved ones

We spend so much of time and energy finding out and keeping track of celebrities,public figures and our friends that more often than not, we have very weak connections to the people around us. Your family, parents, spouse & children are the most important people in your life.

Starting now, become their greatest fan. Ask them how their day went, randomly give them a call in the middle of the day just to ask what they’re doing. Show the people you love that you’re interested in them. Show them how much they mean to you. Prove to them that they’re your biggest priority, every day.

5. Know what you’re eating

“You get out what you put in” goes the adage. What are you putting into your body? What’s your daily intake of processed foods? Are you overeating? Are you addicted to any foods?

Take sugar for example. There are thousands, if not millions of people the world over who are addicted to sugar. They move from one ‘fix’ to the next.  Is it any surprise then that so many adults and children find they have little or no energy by midday and forcibly drag themselves through their day just to get to the end?

If you’re not serious about your health, you’re not serious about your future. Know what you’re eating and be aware of how much of it you’re eating. The people of the past used to teach that, “most diseases find their root in the stomach” i.e. they’re related to the foods we eat and our general eating habits.

Guard your health & the time will come when it will guard you.

You owe it to yourself to lead a life you can be proud of!

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