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5 Things You Need to Stop Doing

1. Stop blaming others for your problems

Blaming others for your life is one way to ensure you never make any progress.When you blame others, you evade responsibility for your life. If you don’t believe you’re responsible you’re never going to make any changes or progress. Make a commitment to stop blaming your past,your parents,your friends, your ex-husband/wife etc. Starting today, live by choice not by chance.

2. Stop complaining

There are enough complainers in the world. Instead of being a person who complains about everything that’s wrong with their life,use your energies and intelligence to craft an extraordinary life, a life you can one day be proud of. Perfect situations don’t exist, work with what you have and you will be blessed with that which you don’t have.

3. Stop wasting time

Time is invaluable. It has far more value than money. Money can be borrowed,stolen,saved,earned & manufactured. Time can never be manipulated in any way, it can either be used or wasted. If you’re wasting time today when will you lead the life you’re capable of leading?

Facts: Time lost can never be regained. Time is never repeated. Each day,each moment is so unique that it will never be repeated for all eternity. Life is simply a collection of moments. To make your life count, you must make your moments count.

4. Stop worrying about keeping up with everybody else

You’re not here to prove that you’re as wealthy,famous,popular or as beautiful as everybody else. You’re here to lead the best possible version of your life. Stop living by society’s definitions of success and failure. Remember that when your emotions are dictated by the opinions of others, you have very little time or energy to lead an extraordinary life.

Don’t be afraid to stand apart from the crowd. Cut out the distractions,shut out the noise and focus on getting your life’s-work done.

5. Stop ignoring your personal development

One of the greatest investments you can make is towards advancing your personal development. Invest time and effort towards your goal of leading a truly extraordinary life. How is it that we’re concerned with the development of our lifestyles, careers,finances etc. yet so few of us focus on developing our selves? One of the most effective tools to enhance your personal development is to embark on a journey of continuous learning.Read good books,speak to great minds and set lofty goals for the life you will experience just once.

If you work on just 1 area of your life each week, that eventually adds up to 52 changes in a year. What if you’d started 10 years ago?


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