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A Few Questions We Need to Be Asking About Education

  1. What is a ‘good’ education? Why must a child get it? What will happen to him if he doesn’t get it?
  2. What skills do parents want their children to have when they graduate from high-school? What skills will the marketplace reward the most? (These questions also apply to teachers & managers of schools)
  3. Are we teaching with the aim of enabling children to learn skills that will help them become independent/partially independent or are we teaching simply to provide universities with students and companies with interns?
  4. What is the future of work? Will the average schoolchild today be sufficiently equipped to have a shot at changing the way a given industry works? Will they be able to solve real problems?
  5. Does our responsibility to children end when they graduate? How do schools assist their graduates?
  6. What kind of real-world skills does a child eventually leave school with? Can he/she use these skills to earn an income?
  7. Do we pay sufficient attention to the development of skills like public speaking, entrepreneurship, web design, creative writing, basic coding & programming?
  8. Are we nurturing a generation of thinkers? How? Can we get better at this?
  9. What systems are there to ensure that a child who doesn’t perform well academically is given a chance to explore avenues that will present a platform where he/she can identify his/her unique skills?
  10. Are we stealing dreams? Seth Godin asks (and answers) this question here

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