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A Few Thoughts on Thoughts

Our thoughts are without doubt, one of the most intimate, hidden parts of our lives.

Thoughts allow us to be people we are not. They allow us to dream, to hope, to hate, to love,  to aspire to, to dare, to make decisions and to choose the paths that we will traverse in our time here on earth. All without anyone else knowing.

For centuries, marriages, wars, revolutions, businesses & relationships have all started and ended because of a thought that someone had.

When you are aware of the factors that influence your life, you can manipulate those factors to build the life you want.

Some of our most persistent thoughts are formed in the aftermath of life’s most painful moments. It is these thoughts that we nurture and hold on to, often, until our dying days.Sometimes, these thoughts destroy our inner-peace and rob us of contentment.

After I learned how greatly my thoughts influence the important areas of my life, I learnt these rules:

  • Don’t have bad thoughts of others. Just don’t. Promise yourself that you won’t.
  • Limit your exposure to the channels through which your thoughts are influenced (Gossip, newspaper, newsletters, blogs, radio etc.)
  • You are not the person the world, your spouse or your children see. You are the thoughts you have.
  • The true quality of your life is directly correlated to the quality of your thoughts.
  • Improving your life starts with taking control of your thoughts

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