Adding Value

By 26/01/2017January 27th, 2017Junaid Kajee

Everyone is selling something.

Ideas, products, services, time, information…even experience. When trying to convince someone to look favourably at whatever is being sold, we instinctively highlight the value inherent in the product.

We use statements like:

  • “It’s cheaper than the competition”
  • “I’m more experienced than the other candidates”
  • “We’ll get the work done in half the time that everyone else takes”

Most of us believe that value is added by highlighting how cheap a product is or how efficiently a service can be offered. Stats are used to predict sales or consumer responses and we tweak our approach for maximum impact.

But there are ways to add value, which can’t be measured:

  • Knowing why you do what you do
  • Having true concern for the wellbeing of the people you serve
  • Working towards a vision that you truly believe in

Others can sense your commitment to your ideals. They can perceive your hunger for your dreams. Don’t obsess over stats, metrics & financial models.

The most important ingredient is you.

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