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Are You Ready To Give Up?

If I asked you how hard you’ve been working on your new business for example, how would you quantify the effort?

Usually, we measure our efforts by the amount of time, money & physical + emotional energy we’ve invested in a particular avenue. Then, if we don’t see the results we expected or if we don’t see results quickly enough, it’s easy to become disheartened.

It’s easy to believe you’re going nowhere and that you’re wasting your time.

Here’s the thing about success: You can only start measuring your effort from the point where you are 100% certain that you’re ready to give up.

Anybody can be committed when things are easy. Anyone can focus on their business, marriage, health or dreams when they’re experiencing the initial excitement. Anyone can be dedicated to a cause when others are cheering them on.

What counts is whether you can keep up the effort after you’ve reached the point where your dreams are no longer as attractive, shiny & glamorous as they once were.

P.S: There’s nothing wrong with walking away from a dream. But if you’re certain you want to pursue whatever it is that you feel like giving up right now, this post is a┬áreminder to stay the course and dig deeper. You won’t regret it.

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