Question: Are you Sabotaging your Life?

By 13/02/2013August 21st, 2016Junaid Kajee

On the journey of life you’re bound to come across many obstacles and barriers to success.  At some point or the other everybody gets demotivated,loses a little hope or finds it a bit more difficult to hold on to their dreams. Whilst we always focus on the external reasons why we cannot achieve our dreams we forget to consider the fact that sometimes it is we who are our own biggest opponents.

Your mindset,past experiences, preconceived notions etc. all play a part in sabotaging your potential to achieve great things. Here are 3 simple,yet powerful ways in which we sabotage our lives and limit our chances to live extraordinary lives.

3 Ways You’re Sabotaging Your Own Life

1. Playing the blame game

Blaming your parents, friends, siblings, colleagues, employer etc. for your present circumstances is a very easy thing to do for one simple reason : It takes responsibility away from you.

No matter how much you blame things on others, at the end of the day it is you who has the ability to make positive changes and improve your life. Stop blaming,Start Living!

The next time you catch yourself blaming somebody else for your circumstances ask yourself,”What am I doing to improve my life?”

2. Making excuses

We have become so accustomed to making excuses that within seconds we can come up with many reasons why we haven’t achieved our goals. Almost always, these reasons are merely smokescreens to avoid taking responsibility for our lives.

Excuses are just one way of saying, “I’m not really interested in making changes in my life”

3. Believing everything you hear about yourself

People will always say things about you,your job,your finances etc. Society will always judge you. These are realities of life. If you spend your time & energies trying to please everyone and live up to everyone’s definitions of success, you will find no time to truly live your life.

Your task in life is to live extraordinarily, you should not be concerned with living by society’s definitions of failure and success.

* Thought for today: On the journey of life, sometimes we are our own biggest obstacles


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