How To: Automate Progress

One of the single biggest advantages that wildly successful individuals have over everyone else is that they have managed to master the art of making focused, consistent progress towards specific goals.

Anyone can exercise or eat healthy for a day. It’s easy to control your temper for a few days. It’s easy to focus on your studies just before exams. It doesn’t take much effort to stop procrastinating for a while. The challenge lies in consistency. Simply speaking, how long can you keep it up? The answer for most people very simply is, not that long.

The ability to devote yourself with consistency to a specific task/goal is what will categorise you as an achiever and separate you from those who’re simply wishing to achieve their dreams.

The most effective way to firmly plant yourself on the path to consistent effort is to incorporate meaningful, targeted, effective routines into your daily life. Routines are simply a collection of activities we do regularly. The important thing though is that we do them unquestioningly, and that’s what you want to capitalise on. Brushing your teeth in a certain way, checking your email at a certain time, going to a specific store for your groceries, scrolling through your Facebook/Instagram/Twitter feeds…all examples of random activities that many of us do regularly without even thinking. All you need to do is swap some unfocused activities for focused ones. What would happen if you could install activities that would help you grow from within? What would happen to your life if you could automatically do things that would make you happier, healthier & more successful? Here’s what would happen: You will have automated progress. Every single day will be a platform for mastery, achievement & success.

Start small by picking just 1 activity that will contribute meaningfully to any area of your life whether it be your career, health or relationships. Then commit to getting this activity done every single day at a certain time. Keep this up for a month. Remind yourself that you have just 1 task to do each day, regardless of what happens in other areas of your life this is 1 activity that you will get done at all costs. Build this up until you’re you’re routinely doing 5 tasks a day that contribute directly to your personal development. Assuming each task takes 30 minutes (and many won’t even take that long) you would be spending 2.5 hours of each day on the development of your inner-self. After a year? You would have spent just over 900 hours building a better life. Most people haven’t spend that much time developing themselves over the past decade.

Do you seriously want to make progress? Establish focused routines and build your dreams.

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