Building a Great Life

By 10/03/2014August 22nd, 2016Junaid Kajee

It is a known fact that every single human being has the innate ability to craft a truly wonderful life.

The reason why we generally don’t get to experience this potential is because we keep postponing the act of truly living. Phrases like, “I’ll change my lifestyle when I get over the tough time I’m having in my business” or “I’ll start paying attention to my family just as soon as I get the promotion I want” and “My life is a bit too hectic for me to be worrying about looking after my health” are all simply ways in which we choose to evade the act of living life as an art.

You’re not here to merely limp from day to day and year to year. You’re here to lead a beautiful life.

Lead your life with dedication to your purpose and the commitment to continually improve your Self. Build your lifestyle around values,goals and dreams that will ultimately come to define your time here on Earth as truly well-spent.

Everyone is looking for a life that they can look forward to waking up to; a life that they can be deeply contented with…it’s just that not everyone wants to work for it. With the deepest of respect, I remind you to seize your purpose and live your passion so that when the dust settles on the period we call ‘life’, you will have lived as extraordinarily as possible. You have a yearning deep within you to lead the best possible version of your life. Pay attention to this yearning and start living the version of your life that you’ve only been planning up until now.

3 Thoughts

* We postpone our greatest life when we run from our fears. The fears you run from are the ones you get to live with for the rest of your life.

* We evade happiness when we choose to blame others for our unhappiness. Regardless of how many people you blame, nobody is going to hand you a great life on a silver platter. You’ve got to work for it.

* Become acutely aware of the decisions and choices you make on a daily basis. These form the platform upon which you’re building your finances,health,career & relationships. When compounded, even small changes in your decisions have the potential to create explosive results in every sphere of your life.

You owe it to yourself to lead a life you can be proud of!

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