Everything happens in your blind-spot.Who's keeping an eye on it?

Like every other person on Earth, I notice a lot of problems. A lot of things that aren't as they should be.  

But, instead of writing a blog post or a Facebook rant about how the government is misusing our money or society is depriving us of the chance to succeed or playing some version of a blame-game, I've spent the past decade of my life learning, testing, implementing, sharing and teaching the habits, mindset, practices, routines and lifestyles of truly successful human beings.  

Too many people are leading lives they're deeply unhappy with. Limping from year to year they're struggling to maintain their health, finances, relationships and general wellbeing.  

I want that to change.  

I want you to have a fighting chance at the version of your life that you were created for.  

One of the many truths I've come across is that everyone struggles until they learn to help themselves.  

When you learn to help yourself, you don't need to wait for someone else to give you a chance at a better education or at better healthcare or at a higher income. You don't need to get permission to spend more time with the people you love. You don't have to place your happiness in someone else's hands.  

You were not created to be a slave of regret, indecision and discontentment. It's time for you to take control of the direction your life is taking.  

This Coaching Program is my contribution to the life you were designed for.

Get Coaching That Works

It’s no secret that each of us will need to fight many battles as we make our way through this journey called 'Life'.  

These battles aren’t about physical strength though. To fight them (and emerge victorious) we need to understand the ingredients of a truly meaningful life.  

A brief list of these ingredients would look something like the one below.  

Purpose. Happiness. Gratitude. Progress. Authenticity. Meaning. Trust. Awareness. Truth. Communication. Honesty. Empathy. Fulfilment. Courage.  

Think about it. How much of meaning would your life have without them?  

When we know that we matter and that our work is contributing to a meaningful outcome, we begin to understand the essence of a fulfilling life punctuated by a deep sense of contentment.  

Now, most people settle for lives, relationships & jobs they’re deeply unhappy with, simply because they’ve never learnt how to improve their circumstances.  

And one can’t blame them.  

Where are they supposed to learn how to craft lives they adore? My coaching program is one of the answers to that question.  

Coaching is one way to identify which areas of your life need the most attention. Helping you learn how to nurture these areas is one of my key concerns.  

It’s important to note that coaching doesn’t only involve talking about your problems. You will learn (and be expected to implement) actionable, proven strategies to help you make real, measurable, meaningful, sustained progress.

My Coaching Philosophy

Drawing on both ancient & modern sciences, when I coach you, my primary task is to direct you to the actions, thoughts & questions that will help you grow the most. 

My coaching program doesn't employ a one-size-fits-all approach. Which is why I choose to work with individuals whose lives I believe I can add value to. If I can't assist you, you'll be notified once your coaching application has been received.  

What Does Freedom Look Like?

I asked thousands of people across the planet to tell me what freedom means to them. These are some of the responses I received.

1. Not having my happiness depend on things 2. Leading a life I actually look forward to waking up to 3. Not being shackled to a job that's sucking the joy out of my life 4. Being able to make real progress in my life and having fulfilling relationships 5. Having a plan for my life and a way to learn everything I need to become successful but happy at the same time 6. The confidence to be myself and the courage to do the things I yearn to do 7. A life I don't want to run away from 8. Peace of mind and contentment 9. Becoming free from regret, hatred and anger 10. Being able to solve the problems I face 11. Getting control of my health and my marriage

What was quite interesting was the fact that most people said they had no idea what freedom means because they've never truly experienced it.  

So, I designed my coaching methodology around these answers. But, before I explain how I can help you, there are a few things I'd like you to think about...

Fact #1  

Motivation is overrated 

Many people believe that they can't achieve whatever they set out to do because they're not motivated enough.  

Others believe that posting motivational quotes on Instagram and sharing inspirational stories on Facebook will help them improve their lives in some way.  

Now, I don't want to sound like a cynic, but I've never come across anyone who achieved something meaningful simply by changing their WhatsApp profile picture or listening to a motivational speaker. I believe that motivation is what happens after you take action; not before.  

Here's an example: Do you know that exercise is good for you? Do you have access to a gym, a space at home to workout or maybe even own some exercise equipment? Most people would answer 'yes' to these questions.  

Do you workout daily/regularly?  

Most people would answer 'no'.  

Why? Because for most people, the problem isn't a lack of information, resources or motivation; it's a lack of action.

I really don't like meaningless, cliched, tired platitudes that are somehow meant to help you progress. My work focuses on bringing you the simplest, most effective, practical strategies to help you make real, meaningful progress in the most important areas of your life.  

Remember, I'm not a motivational speaker; I'm a strategist.  

Click the YouTube icon (or click here) to listen to my podcast and get an idea of my perspective on life and some of my thoughts on happines, meaning, relationships & success.

Fact #2  

Nobody Is Coming To Save You

This is a harsh truth, but, like all harsh truths, it needs to be said.  

See, the reality of life is that no matter how nice of a person you are or how carefully you follow all the rules which society says you need to follow to become successful, nobody is going to walk-up to you and hand you a solution to all your problems.  

Nobody is going to fix your life for you. Nobody is going to fix Mondays for you (Lots of people have an infatuation with weekends coupled with a deep dislike for Monday mornings. They hate Mondays because that's when they have to go back to the lives they've built. But I don't believe this is normal. I don't believe we were meant to yo-yo between waiting for the weekend and wishing Monday wasn't so close. We're not meant to be stuck in this repetitive emotional cycle.)  

You (just like everyone else) get just one shot at life. It's your duty to learn (and then implement) everything you can about success, personal mastery and inner-growth.  

As part of the coaching process, you'll learn how to use your time (which is one of your greatest resource) effectively. You'll come across proven strategies to nurture and then harness your mental & physical energies.  

Most importantly, you'll learn how to take action.  

I've lost count of the number of times a person has met me at an event and told me, "I've been at this job for 10/20/30 years and I've been misreable for most of the time. I'm treated badly and I've got hardly anything to show for all my suffering."  

My usual response is, "What have you done about it? What steps have you taken to get another source of income?"  

The answer has always been, "I don't know what else to do".  

These exact words are used by people who've been 'stuck' in abusive, toxic marriages or people who are unemployed even though they have the necessary qualifications.  

Too many people are waiting for someone to come along and give them the life they believe they deserve.  

You owe it to yourself and the people you love to do everything in your power to craft a life that you adore.

Fact #3  

Life Is Meant To Be Lived With Purpose

You and I were not brought into this world simpy to go to school, learn to read and write, go to high school then university, get a qualification and a job which we retire from after 40 years and then wait for the end of our days.  

Every single day, billions of human-beings get out of bed and do what they've been doing for years.  

Eat, earn, spend, watch tv, maybe read a bit, watch someone on YouTube eating food / travelling / applying makeup / unpacking things they've bought (yes, it's a thing), then they consume foods that they know are harming them, spend hours on Facebook, relive hurtful memories, emotionally enslave themselves by getting stuck in toxic mental cycles, force themselves to be a part of meaningless relationships, drink stimulants throughout the day to keep them awake and then try to numb the pain at night just so that they can get some sleep.  

All this is done without questioning why.  

Directionless, disillusioned & depleted, the older we get the more fearful we become of unshackling ourselves from the relationships, routines, jobs, thoughts, memories and circumstances that suffocate the joy out of our souls.  

Unless...we learn to control the building blocks of our lives. Our habits.  

See, I believe that our days are a representation of our lives. So, if most of our days are spent in anger, hatred, backbiting, resentment, regret, distraction, wishing, hoping without taking action and other toxic pastimes, then, in the end, our lives will stand for nothing more than the fact that we existed but never learnt how to thrive.  

Side Note: If you want to know where your life is going, just take a look at how you spend each day.  

Now, this isn't some motivational, pop-psychology, fortune-cookie-wisdom kind of theory. It's real and it affects everything you know about life and almost all the results you've been getting (or not getting) so far.  

Understanding the science of habit and the way in which the human brain processes decisions is probably one of the most effective ways to engineer the level of fulfilment you experience in every major area of your life.  

Think about it: How would your life look if you could set your brain up to respond to stress/pain/difficulty in a way that would help you benefit from every unpleasant situation? What would happen if you could free yourself from the things that anger you and take away their power to rob you of happiness? Imagine how your world would look if weren't always waiting for a chance to escape from the life you have right now.  

What would happen if you had purpose that had you jumping out of bed in the morning?  

As I said earlier, too many people are living for the weekend and hate Mondays because it's the time when they have to face the reality of the lives they have. They're enslaved by a system they're unhappy with and nobody told them how to start playing the game instead of always being played.  

This is your opportunity to start building a life that exudes meaning, purpose, fulfillment & serenity.

People Just Like You Have Used Coaching For Help With...

  • Mindset Development  
  • Building Habits That Stick  
  • Designing Effective, Sustainable Routines 
  • Managing Mental & Physical Energy  
  • Nurturing Emotional Wellbeing  
  • Relationships (Marriage / Divorce)  
  • Parenting 
  • Work-Life Balance  
  • Career Selection  
  • Career Change  
  • Developing Focus  
  • Building Self-Esteem  
  • Graduate Coaching  
  • Managing Fear & Anxiety
  • Understanding Grief & the Recovery Process

Coaching Programs

The 90 Day Reset

This is a focused 1-on-1 coaching program consisting of one online coaching session every second week over a period of 90 days. Once we complete an introductory session, a complete coaching & personal mastery program will be created with your specific needs in mind. 

This dedicated plan will be implemented from your first coaching session and continue until the end of the program.  

For the duration of the 90-Day Reset you will have direct email access to me.

* All sessions are conducted via Skype. Contact us for telephonic/email coaching.

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