My Coaching Program

It’s no secret that each of us will need to fight many battles as we make our way through this journey called life.

These battles aren’t about physical strength though. To fight them (and emerge victoriously) we need to understand the ingredients of a truly meaningful life.

A brief list of these ingredients would look something like the one below.

Purpose. Happiness. Gratitude. Progress. Authenticity. Meaning. Trust. Awareness. Truth. Communication. Honesty. Empathy. Fulfilment. Courage.

Think about it. How much of meaning would your life have without them?

When we know that we matter and that our work is contributing to a meaningful outcome, we begin to understand the essence of a fulfilling life punctuated by a deep sense of contentment.

Now, most people settle for lives, relationships & jobs they’re deeply unhappy with, simply because they’ve never learnt how to improve their circumstances.

And one can’t blame them.

Where are they supposed to learn how to craft lives they adore? My coaching program is one of the answers to that question.

Coaching is one way to identify which of the areas of your life need the most attention. Helping you learn how to nurture these areas is one of my key concerns.

It’s important to note that coaching doesn’t only involve talking about your problems. You will learn (and be expected to implement) actionable, proven strategies to help you make real, measurable, meaningful, sustained progress.

My Philosophy

I believe that every human being has the ability to influence the direction that his/her life is taking.

Drawing on both ancient & modern sciences, when I coach you, my primary task is to direct you to the actions, thoughts & questions that will help you grow the most.

Some Aspects I Assist With

➤ Mindset Development

➤ Building Habits That Stick

Designing Effective, Sustainable Routines

Managing Mental & Physical Energy

Emotional Wellbeing

Relationships (Marriage / Divorce)


Work-Life Balance

Career Selection

Career Change

Developing Focus

Building Self-Esteem

Graduate Coaching

Managing Fear & Anxiety

Getting Started

Over the past decade, I’ve been privileged to coach hundreds of individuals from diverse backgrounds. That said, it’s really important for me to clarify that not everyone who applies to my coaching program, gets accepted.

Once your application is received and approved, an orientation session is conducted to ascertain whether we can work together and more importantly if I can add real value to your life.

If we can work together, a coaching program is designed specifically with your needs in mind.

All coaching sessions are 1-on-1, highly confidential and designed for maximum impact.

Coaching is conducted online via Skype, email & by arrangement, in-person.