a Marriage LifeCourse Designed to Help You Find Your Serenity

Your marriage is one of the most important  relationships you will ever be a part of. It is a series of moments & emotions characterised by the ups and downs of life. It consists of days that will feel like years and years that will pass like days. Above all else, it is about learning how to find harmony and mutual understanding whilst going through everything life throws at you.

Nurturing Love is a LifeCourse that practically demonstrates how you can nurture your relationship with your spouse & help you journey together through life by making effective, conscious decisions to not only enhance but also to lend greater meaning to your shared journey. This relationship LifeCourse is designed to assist you and your spouse in building the best possible version of your marriage.


Built on a philosophy of linking ancient solutions to contemporary challenges, the principles, strategies & practical steps you will learn in this LifeCourse are guaranteed to bring increased serenity, focus & direction to your marriage

Marriage is about more than just living with another person

It’s about creating a beautiful life together

These are some of the aspects we’ll cover :

The optimum outlook on a relationship

Practical steps to become & remain your spouse’s best friend

How your past and the past of your spouse affects the future of your marriage

Identifying and addressing a breakdown in your relationship

The best methods to improve communication in your marriage

How to raise sensitive issues with your spouse

The impact of emotions, words and actions on a marriage

Dealing with disappointment, stress & change in a marriage

This Course is designed to help

• Couples who find that their marriage has lost the ‘spark’ it once had

• Individuals & couples wishing to infuse their marriages with a renewed sense of fulfillment and direction

• Couples currently experiencing difficulties in their marriage

• Individuals wanting motivation & guidance to overcome the obstacles they face on a relationship level

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