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One of the most important junctures in the life of any person is the point where he/she will need to decide where they want their life to take them. Too many individuals lead lives they’re unhappy with, simply because of bad choices and sometimes because they made no choices at all.They lived by chance, not by choice. They didn’t know that they could choose a better life.

Don’t allow the difficulties you or your children currently face in life to become obstacles to future successes. Make the choice to use the potential that every human-being is born with, to lead the best possible version of their life. Designed with the future in mind, this unique course drives youth and teenagers to live with purpose. Bearing in mind that the choices made or not made today will impact their lives forever, this course targets the development of a young adult’s career, relationships, health and mind.

This programme would be most useful for those in their final years of schooling or those who have already completed their secondary education.

Some of the important questions we’ll answer are :

Why do I need a vision for my life?

How do I know what my life’s work is?

I feel like I don’t fit in with the crowd, why? Should I fit in with the crowd?

How do I make decisions that will help me to lead a fulfilling life?

I have low self esteem. I don’t feel confident about anything. How do I deal with this?

I often get the feeling that I’m not good enough or intelligent enough to do what I would love to do, what do I do?

At times I feel angry,confused,alone,sad and depressed. How do I deal with my emotions?

How do I design a plan for my life, my health & my career?

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