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It could be said that disruption is a precursor to progress.

If you want to change the results you’re getting, you’ve got to change the nature of the factors that are influencing your thoughts, emotions, habits & responses.

One way I disrupt my thought processes (and by extension, my habits and the results I’m getting) is by constantly changing the information that enters my mind.

Changing the information I have, helps me change my perspective.

Here are some examples of what works for me:

  1. Every 90 days, I unsubscribe from every newsletter I receive. I also make it a point to never be subscribed to more than 5 newsletters at a time. (Please apply this rule to my newsletter first. If you’re subscribed to my content for more than 90 days, unsubscribe and find newer, meaningful content).
  2. I regularly audit my diet, set myself challenges and completely disrupt my eating habits. So far, I’ve done things like leave eating bread  (completely), leave drinking of commercial fruit juices and fizzy drinks (completely), go fruitarian (for 7 days), replace 1 meal a day with salad (21 days), replace breakfast with a green juice (30 days).

I’m not saying you should do any of this. I’m telling you what works for me. I’m telling you that disruption preceded every valuable turning-point of my life.

Disruption is uncomfortable. It’s unappealing. It’s also the only thing that will bring you almost immediate MASSIVE, measurable, lasting, meaningful progress.

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