Does It Work?

Many people in positions of authority hate it when someone asks them why something is being done in a certain way. They hate it because they know the answer is most likely, “That’s the way it’s always been done”.

They fail to see that actually, the question is being asked because someone believes that the process/ rule/ policy isn’t working.

Most of us hate it when the systems we believe in are questioned. We’d prefer it if everyone just carried on with their work and didn’t ask any uncomfortable questions.

We become fiercely protective of certain things like exercise routines, eating plans, diets, study techniques, coaches, mentors etc. Basically, if someone questions something we’re comfortable with, they’re seen as being disrespectful.

Now ordinarily, there’s nothing wrong with getting comfortable with something you like. The problem starts when we become so blinded by the convenience / glamorous marketing surrounding a concept, product, service or rule, that we fail to question whether it actually improves our lives or not. We don’t ask ourselves whether we’re making progress or not.

As an example, if you’re trying to lose weight and you’ve been working with a trainer for 5 years and your fitness hasn’t improved nor has your weight decreased, is your life actually improving? Or do you ignore the question because the trainer doesn’t charge that much and you’ve got a good setup going?

Are the policies in your company, actually improving anything?

Do the rules currently in place at your organisation/business/ school/institution, actually work?

Repeatedly, I’ve asked subscribers of my newsletter to unsubscribe if they’re not seeing any real, measurable progress in their lives.


Because progress doesn’t happen when there’s activity. It happens when the right activities take place.

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