Does Your Work Grow You?

Is Your Work Helping Your Make Progress That Matters?

Earlier today, I met an old mentor of mine. He asked about my work, the projects I’m currently working on etc. After patiently listening to my responses he asked a profound question that stayed with me for the next 8 or 9 hours (which is when I’m writing this post), “But is it challenging you enough?”

Initially, your life’s work may be a bit difficult. Given enough time though, you will settle into a routine and then go about your work with relative ease. And that’s when you stop progressing. You stop making any progress when nothing challenges you anymore.¬†When you get comfortable, the quality of your work and the amount of contentment your work brings you, is going to drop.

Does our work grow us? Does it force us to become better, more productive, more knowledgeable? Does it increase the impact of our presence here on earth? When you approach your life’s work does it regularly demand that you become more innovative? Does it drive you to be a better human-being? Remember, the people making an impact are those who are always searching for bigger mountains to climb.

There are sufficient monuments to mediocrity out in the world; show us your excellence.

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