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Don’t Be Afraid To Question Perception

Here’s a dangerous, often damaging, belief: If a person has a title/qualification, it is often assumed that the person embodies everything that the title/qualification stands for.

Consider the case of a healthcare professional – If someone has the qualifications to legally be called a doctor or surgeon, does that person automatically become imbued with the qualities of compassion, empathy, humility & respect?

Or an educationist. Typically, in South Africa (which is where I live), it takes 4 years of study to become a school-teacher. But that’s just on paper. And a piece of paper is no true indication of the successes or failures of a human being. Anyway, does a person with a teaching degree automatically become a great communicator or a good listener? Does he/she have the vision, foresight, resilience, courage, grit & creativity to nurture a human being?

The answer in both these cases is, “Not Necessarily”. Yet we expect all doctors to be kind and all teachers to be adept at nurturing human growth.

Now, I’ve used medicine and education as examples but this damaging belief affects us in more ways than we’re aware of.

There’s another side to this coin: If a person who is assumed to be a  good person does/says something wrong (either morally or legally), the ardent followers of said person will choose to ignore what was said/done because they can’t fathom their perception being challenged.

Often, it’s the stories we choose to believe that cripple us.

There’s a vast difference between perception and reality; let’s not confuse the two.

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