Don’t Take It Personally

The moments that hurt us are pushing us towards the point where we’ll muster enough courage to finally do something about our lives.

Broadly speaking, 2 things can lead to meaningful change:

  1. The choice to make a change (this choice must be backed-up by action)
  2. Pain / Frustration

The thing about pain & frustration is that most people view them as obstacles, as impediments on the road to success. In reality, they’re tools. Tools that can be leveraged to get you the outcome you want.

What you’ve got to do, is allow the pain to drive you. If you hate not earning enough money, channel that frustration and use your energies to work harder, build a business, find more leads and do whatever it takes to get you to the level you want to be at.

All great accomplishments; in fact, all monumentally epic achievements are paid for with hardship and pain.

Don’t take it personally when Pain visits you. The pain is moulding you. It’s forcing you to become better, stronger, more focused, more successful, more of the person who will lead the life you were created for.

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