Giving Yourself Permission

I’ve said this many times on The HelpYourself Podcast and written about it in my newsletter: If you don’t give yourself  permission to lead the life you want, nobody else is going to.

Here are some of the ways we deny ourselves the permission to find the peace we crave:

  • Refusing to forgive those who hurt us
  • Using terms like “wannabe” and “aspiring” to describe who we are (If you love writing, call yourself a writer. Nobody’s holding a giant stamp of approval with which they’re one day going to award you the title of “Writer”)
  • Saying, “Well, that’s the way my life is”
  • Saying, “I have no other options”
  • Not accepting reality ( If your job is making you miserable, you’ve got be realistic and devise an exit-strategy. If your marriage isn’t thriving, you’ve got to accept it and seek some real help. If you’ve got unhealthy habits, you’ve got to change them.)
  • Blaming others (parents, employers, spouses, friends, society, the government etc.) for your unhappiness
  • Not taking MASSIVE action

Stop reading a hundred blogs, listening to a dozen different podcasts, subscribing to tens of newsletters, strategising, planning, hoping, whiteboarding and whatever else it is that’s allowing you to evade progress.

Give yourself permission to do more of whatever it is that fills your heart with peace.