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How To Move A Mountain

A mountain is moved by taking a few stones today and transferring them to another spot, then a few more the day after and the day after that. Regardless of the mountain’s size (and assuming we had an indefinite amount of time) it will eventually be moved.

Building a great life can sometimes be compared to moving a mountain. And like the process of relocating a mountain, you can move your life by making small, regular, conscious decisions.

The weekends you decide not to waste.

The harmful foods you choose not to eat.

The loved ones you make time for.

The body you commit to taking care of.

The mindset you focus on nurturing.

When we see someone doing great things, we don’t see the hidden moments of “mountain-moving”. It’s the little, seemingly forgettable decisions we make today that impact our lives for decades.

And consciously making those decisions is what transforms an ordinary life into an extraordinary one.

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