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How To Stop Running

At some point or the other, most of us have run from something.

Naturally, we know that you can only run for so long before you have to stop. Not when it comes to running from fear though. Millions of people try to hide from what they’re afraid of for their entire lives.

But running from fear eventually becomes quite tiring. It drains you completely. It sucks the joy out of life.

When we run from something, it’s not because we’re afraid of it; we’re afraid of the discomfort and pain that it will bring us.

By default, we humans distance ourselves from anything uncomfortable. We will do anything to stay as far as possible from anything that’s either physically or emotionally painful to us.

Now if you feel a yearning to improve your life, here’s something you need to know: Your greatest growth lies in the avenues you’ve been resisting and the decisions you’ve been avoiding.

The conversations that will help you the most are the ones you’ve been avoiding.

The decision you’ve been putting off is the one you need to be making.

The changes you’ve been afraid of are the ones that will hurt you now but benefit you tremendously in the long-term.

Audit your emotions, decisions & reactions. List all those that you’ve been running from.

If you want to stop running, you know what to do with the list.

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