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Are You Wasting Your Abilities?

One of the biggest challenges we face when we attempt to do work that will help us improve our lives is the conservation of our energies. Having a plan is great. Having the necessary resources makes your task easier. But without the energy to pursue your craft with exemplary dedication and relentless commitment, your work isn’t going to bring you the fulfilment you’re seeking.

Note: Approaching your craft with world-class dedication is guaranteed to help you do work that makes a lasting, measurable impact  

The ability to voluntarily do something that will improve your life is a special one. Everyone has it; few people use it. Apart from the fact that being able to uplift yourself is in itself very valuable, what’s important to note is that such ability is fueled by a finite amount of energy. And it is the wasting of such energy that leads people to settle for unhappy,unfulfilling lives.

Think of it this way: When you awake each morning, you have a certain amount of physical energy and a certain amount of inner energy. Meaningful work (i.e. work that will bring you happiness) requires inner energy more than physical energy. After a long day you will still have physical energy,but if you’ve wasted your inner energy you’re not going to feel like doing anything meaningful (basically anything that will bring you progress). This is why it’s easier to watch a 2-hour movie than to finish an assignment or a project that will only take an hour. Not having the energy to do meaningful work is the reason why it’s easier to watch random YouTube videos for an hour than to exercise for 15 minutes.

Successful people have mastered the art of preserving their inner energies so that they can produce world-class work each and every single day. So that they can use their energies to do work that makes a difference. They treat their inner-energy as a treasure which they will give only to the most meaningful of pursuits. Take a few minutes to assess your daily habits and identify the actions that are robbing you of your chance to do great work

The Top 10 Ways We Waste Energy

1. Spending time gossiping, listening to gossip or spreading it
2. Watching TV
3. Sleeping too much i.e. unnecessarily
4. Overeating
5. Talking unnecessarily
6. Getting involved in Facebook/Twitter ‘wars’
7. Debating non-issues ( No matter how many hours are wasted discussing an issue at the supper table, very rarely can anything tangible come out of it)
8. Replaying hurtful moments of the past
9. Complaining – In fact complaining is the guaranteed way to ensure you don’t achieve your dreams
10. Reading or listening to everything we come across. Successful people know how to filter the information they allow into their minds.

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