How You’re Killing Your Energy

How You're Killing Your Energy

You wake-up each day with a finite amount of energy. Energy that you get to spend in any avenue you choose.

Where and how you spend your energy determines how much of  an impact your daily activities will have. Regardless of whether you’re trying to build stronger relationships, grow your business or simply make a change to your daily routine, learning to manage your energy is one of the most valuable steps you will ever take towards your goals.

Reliving Pain

Successful people understand that energy is as valuable as time; managing your energy well will result in a well-managed life.Whenever you devote your mental energy to replaying hurtful memories & painful moments, you are robbing your reserves of pure energy. This deprives you of the ability to do great, inspired work. And that’s because you gave your pure energy to an avenue that could bring you no progress.After mulling over something that saddens you, you’re going to feel depleted, low, depressed, uninspired and generally demotivated. The longer you keep this up, the less energy you’re going to have to live your life.


If you’re easily distracted, you’re going to find it very difficult to accomplish your life’s work. Train your mind to work for 45-60 minutes with no distractions at all. Bear in mind that the finite energy you wake up with can only be distributed in a finite amount of avenues. If you choose to give your energy to the newspaper, that’s fine as long as you remember that you’re giving away energy and time that you’re never getting back. After a day of listening to the news, reading random pieces of information and aimlessly checking social media feeds the chances that you have a tonne of energy to do your life’s work are going to be very slim.

To accomplish great things, be aware of what and to whom you give your energies.

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