If you haven’t already…

Too many people are stuck because they equate talking with action.

Somehow, we humans have managed to delude ourselves into believing that talking about how we’d like to change jobs or lose weight or be better spouses or start businesses is a meaningful activity.

But it isn’t. For an activity to be meaningful, it must have a meaningful¬†outcome.

What have you achieved by speaking about how your job is bringing you unhappiness? Telling others about your spouse’s bad habits won’t improve your marriage in the slightest way. Speaking about how you need to pay more attention to your family doesn’t magically allocate an hour of time for them every day.

If you’ve been planning, strategising or discussing a move you’d like to make but you’ve got no tangible evidence to show for it, then you probably aren’t going to do it.

Stop saying you’ll eat healthier once the holidays are over. ¬†If you were going to, you would have already.

Don’t deceive yourself into believing you’ll start exercising in 2017. If you haven’t already started, the chances are exceptionally high that you won’t.

If you’ve been complaining about your job for the past 10 years, the reality is that it isn’t going to magically improve nor are you going to do anything about it.

Please, understand that you have got take MASSIVE, focused, consistent action for any major area of your life to improve.

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