Looking for Someone?

I’ve written about this before but I think it’s an idea that always meritsĀ a re-visit.

When we notice something that appears wrong, distastefulĀ or improper, it’s become something of a habit to say,”Someone should do something about it”.

Generally this statement is said to nobody in particular. It also references nobody in particular. Which is why nothing real happens when these words are spoken. The people around you may nod their heads in agreement and you may feel satisfied that you spoke-out about the issue.

And everybody will go back to their lives as if nothing had happened. Maybe that’s because nothing real has happened.

Commenting on a problem never solved it (not in a meaningful way at least); the burning, sincere desire to see a solution, did.

Let’s change the statement to “We / I should do something about it”. It won’t necessarily make an immediate difference but at least we’re no longer waiting for someone else to do the work.

Each of us is someone. And regardless of the scale of the problem, each of us can do something about it.

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