Losing Ourselves

I remember writing this in my journal a few years ago, “You will lose yourself in pursuit of the person you think society wants you to be.”

Because society continually changes the definitions of wealth, beauty, intelligence, love, freedom, happiness, success & meaning, it’s imperative that you are clear about what all of these (and other important concepts) mean to you.

Then, when you are certain what happiness, purpose & success mean for you, pursue them with singular focus and committed action.

We’re losing ourselves because the parameters of the ideals we’re chasing are constantly being re-imagined by a society that’s aimlessly adrift.

We must be clear about the paths we choose or we’ll be distracted every time someone comes along and tells us about the path they’ve chosen.

Clarity = Belief

The more clarity you have about who you are and where you want to go; the greater will be your belief in your chosen path. The greater your belief, the lower the chances of you losing sight of your goal.

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