Mountains of Change

By 10/06/2013August 21st, 2016Junaid Kajee

Nobody likes change.

Mention the word and you will see most people cringing at the mere thought of doing things differently (or doing different things). As human-beings we resist change primarily because routine brings to us a sense of comfort and security.

We ask ourselves, ‘Why risk sailing the uncharted waters of change when you have the safety of a routine/methodology you’re comfortable with?’ Then again, one of the most common regrets faced by a dying person is ‘I wish had the courage to have changed more things in my life’.

Don’t lead a life that will end with you wishing you had changed something about yourself/your outlook etc.Make the change.

There are 2 very important ideas about change which I’d like to share with you:

1. Change is uncomfortable, even painful

Stop looking at it as something bad, look at it as bitter medicine. It’s difficult to swallow but eventually the benefits it brings about are invaluable.

The bottom line is : Change = Progress. When you resist change, you’re actually resisting progress. If you want your standard of living to improve or your relationships to get stronger or a higher-paying job you have got to commit to making some changes.

When you shun change, you deny yourself the opportunity to lead the best possible version of your life. Embrace change and you embrace the life you were meant to lead. Identify the spheres of your life that need change (relationships/marriage/business/career etc.) and do what needs to be done. Making change in life is about choosing the right way, not the easy way out.

2. Small Steps get you to the Summit

Nobody ever climbed a mountain with a single step.  It takes lots of steps and lots of time to reach the top of the mountain.  Your life and the challenges it carries is like a mountain. Whether it is your marriage,career,health or personal development, every great achievement, every monumental achievement needs a collection of small steps to become a reality.

There is no benefit in wishing/hoping for a better life. Be courageous,stop dreaming and start doing – Make small,constant changes to the areas of your life that require improvement and you will begin to lead the life you have the potential to live.

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