Noise vs. Progress

By 31/03/2014September 30th, 2014Blog, Personal Development

The work you do each day must lead you towards your ultimate goals. Any effort, interaction or information that takes you a step closer to your dreams (directly or indirectly) is known as ‘progress’, everything else is just noise. Peak performers (basically, all those who lead extraordinary lives) have mastered the art of differentiating between ‘noise’ and ‘progress’.

Before spending your time in any avenue, ask yourself, “How much of value will this add to my life?”. If it’s not something you’re going to be proud of in the last hour of your life; it’s ‘noise’.

Complaining about your job,marriage,career or life is just ‘noise’. Actively doing something to improve your existence is ‘progress’. Being concerned with your personal development is progress, being needlessly concerned about what others are doing with their lives is ‘noise’.

To lead a fulfilling life one must banish ‘noise’ from one’s life. How many of your daily activities actually contribute to your personal,spiritual or professional development?  Too many people are addicted to ‘noise’ in its various forms, be it gossip or just taking in pieces of useless information every time they click on a random link to a blog or YouTube video. ‘Noise’ steals your energy and kills off your dreams.

If you want enhanced peace of mind, greater clarity of purpose and the vision to craft a life you can one day be proud of, nurture the willpower to stay away from the activities that sap your creativity and dull your drive to achieve greatness.

Are you making ‘noise’ or progress?

You owe it to yourself to lead a life you can ultimately be proud of


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