One Decision

History is replete with incidents where one person making just one decision changed the shape of the world as we know it.

This one person wasn’t always the strongest, wealthiest, most famous or even, the most well-equipped. He or she could have waited to have all the right tools before making their decision. They could have said that people will laugh at them if they fail and so, they should abandon whatever dream, vision or project they were pursuing. They could have spent their time auditing and reviewing all the reasons why they shouldn’t make such a decision.

But they made it anyway.

They didn’t know how it would turn out.  They didn’t know if it would prove to be the right or wrong decision. They didn’t know if they’d live long enough to see the results.

All they knew was that things had to change and a firm, clear decision is the greatest catalyst for change.

Today, you’re that person. And you need to make your decision.

The world is waiting.

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