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In this one shot that we get at life, there are only certain things we can pay attention and devote our energies to.

If we spread our attention too thin, we end up with fairly meaningless lives. If we learn to focus our energies correctly, we make small, sustained, consistent steps towards well-defined objectives.

Which is why it’s worth your while to audit the avenues in which you’ve been spending your time, focus & energy. If the list you come up with is something that you would be proud of in the last hour of your life, that’s excellent.

If however, you’ve been focusing your attention on any of the following, some deep introspection may be required.

Avenues/Activities That Bring No Benefit At All

  • Hatred
  • Resentment
  • Yearning for revenge
  • Seeking validation
  • Gossip
  • Tale-carrying
  • Craving affirmation
  • Trying to prove you’re *as* good/wealthy/intelligent/beautiful/powerful as someone else
  • Spending time with ‘friends’ who don’t contribute meaningfully to your life
  • Holding out on forgiving someone who hurt you
  • Blaming (others or yourself)
  • Hope without action

You get just one life. There are no test-drives. This is all you get. Make it count.

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