Webinar – The Habits of Happy Couples

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Product Description

This 90-Minute Webinar Will Teach You:

*  Awareness

You can’t succeed at something unless you’re aware of the mistakes others have already made and why they made them.

I’ll outline the key reasons many couples unknowingly build their marriages on foundations of resentment & deep discontentment

*  Tools To Nurture Love

This is not just a lecture session.

I teach practical, actionable methods that you can implement from Day 1 to start building a marriage that brings you the fulfilment your soul yearns for.

* The 5 Needs of Love

I’ve distilled my experiences of over a decade spent helping couples build great marriages.

Love doesn’t grow itself; it has to be actively nurtured. Learn what Love needs in order to flourish.

* A Roadmap To Your Serenity

I’ll outline the Daily Habits bound to drastically increase your understanding of yourself as well as your emotions, words & actions + the impact they have on your marriage.