Some Advice About Advice

  • Everyone has advice for you. Most of it, you shouldn’t act on. Listen to it if you like, but don’t act on all of it. Not because they don’t know what they’re saying, but because most of it will have no structure and therefore be totally irrelevant to you.
  • Why should you listen to advice if you’re not going to act on all of it? Because one day it might become relevant to you & it might just be the answer to your struggles. Not being relevant right now doesn’t mean it’s worthless.
  • Advice is a matter of perspective. The person giving it to you is only telling you what looks good from their point of view. It goes without saying that approaching your life based on information derived solely from someone else’s point of view, isn’t always the safest thing to do.
  • If you’ve got one problem, get advice from a few people. Remember, it’s about perspective.
  • Respecting someone doesn’t mean blindly acting on every piece of advice they give you. Likewise, not acting on someone’s advice doesn’t equate to disrespect. Have the confidence to decide when you’re going to act and when you aren’t.
  • Get medical advice from a doctor. Gardening advice from a landscapist. Simply stated, go to the people who are authoritative or experienced in a field for advice about that specific field. You wouldn’t ask your pharmacist for financial planning advice, would you?
  • Get advice from people who have a clear idea of theĀ goal you’re trying to achieve. Do they know what your gameplan is?
  • Some people like to dress-up their advice before they give it to you. They do this by calling it “constructive criticism”. Sometimes they use these words to pad whatever it is they’re going to tell you in the hope that you won’t be too hurt or offended by what they’re going to say. Anyway, the point I want you to note here is that you shouldn’t take their advice too seriously unless they’ve got the credentials to back their words up. For example, don’t take critical business advice from someone who hasn’t built a business. Similarly, it’s not in your best interests to take medical advice from someone who knows nothing about healthcare. Would you take fitness advice from an unfit person? I remember reading a poster that said, “Never take constructive criticism from people who haven’t constructed anything”. Enough said.

The irony of the title of this post is not lost on me. I couldn’t come up with a better name. Even though it’s titled, “Some Advice About Advice”, I don’t want you to see it as advice. I’ve simply written down some of the things I’ve learnt from my experiences in the hope that they’ll give you some perspective.

And advice is all about perspective.

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