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Some Software & Apps I use Regularly

The Software & Apps I Use Most

I often get asked about the software & apps I use the most.

My answer depends on whose asking and why. In essence though, most of us just want to know if someone else has tried a product before we try it for ourselves or we just want to know what not to waste time on.

Because I believe that sharing knowledge is the best way to grow it, I decided to place this information into (possibly) a series of posts. I don’t know how much will be relevant to you personally but I’m sure at some point in your life it could prove useful.


If you follow my work you’ll know that I love reading.

Scribd is a digital library where according to them you can “read unlimited books”.I currently get at least 70% of my reading done here . Whilst I personally feel that nothing can replace reading from a proper,physical, hard-copy of a book, the ease of access that Scribd affords you is sure to help you get more reading done. There’s also a massive audiobook category if you prefer to listen to your books.

Scribd syncs across all my devices and also has a web interface for getting reading done at your laptop/PC.

2.Microsoft OneNote

I use OneNote to do most of my writing-related work.

This includes blog ideas, excerpts from books/blogs, takeaway points from seminars etc. Naturally, I love the fact that it syncs across multiple devices. It also stores a wide range of media from images & audio to PDF documents. This is a great piece of software for everyone, whether you’re a lawyer, entrepreneur, writer,university student,blogger or teacher.

When I design courses & handbooks, this is where I work.

2.1. Writer

A web-based writing platform with basic formatting functions. They call themselves, “The Internet typewriter”.Great for distraction-free writing. Autosaves your documents and doesn’t have too many options to make the experience a complicated one. Running word & character counts make this ideal for bloggers/writers.

3.Google Drive

The first thing I login to when working ¬†on my laptop/PC is Google Drive. It has all my planners, schedules, important docs and current projects saved. You can upload almost any kind of file and the generous storage space means you’re not constantly asking yourself what to keep and what to kick out.

The mobile app means your files are available on all your devices and you can work on them whenever you want and from wherever you are.

Drive is starting to replace Dropbox as my favourite cloud storage app. Drive’s added functionality to edit and create documents, presentations and spreadsheets means I’m probably going to forget my Dropbox password soon.


(Side note: I believe all high school children should be taught WordPress. It’s a real,practical skill that they can use to add value in literally thousands of ways)

The JunaidKajee.com website as well as the Rihla.co.za site run on WordPress. Free, easy to use, highly customisable and requiring very little maintenance.

Websites are easy to setup. The part that takes work is generating content that makes people want to read/view your site, but that’s a topic for another day.


Need to update multiple social media streams from one interface?

Hootsuite allows you to effortlessly monitor and post to a number of social feeds. Scheduled posts means you don’t spend half the day posting and tweeting. Great if you have an online business or simply want to maintain your web presence.


I use Mailchimp to keep in touch with newsletter subscribers. In fact, if you’re reading this piece, it made its way to you via Mailchimp.

Migrating your email list is seamless & the free plan should be sufficient for most websites/businesses. Couple this with a quick,clean,simple interface & great reporting and you have a winner.

Mailchimp has a free iOS app which you can use to add subscribers to your lists as well as to check on reports of your latest campaigns.


Note: Even though all features found in Dropbox are available in Google Drive I still use Dropbox for sharing files.

All your files,documents,reports etc. in one (virtual) place. If you travel a lot or work at multiple locations, Dropbox is designed to make your life simpler. Simply download the free app or work from Dropbox.com. Upload your files, arrange them into folders and then access,download,edit and share them wherever you are. The sharing feature is especially useful for large documents or when you need to share 1 file with many people. Instead of mailing the file around, just share the link so all recipients can download directly from Dropbox.

As with most apps I use, clean design as well as the ability to sync across multiple devices are features that put Dropbox on the ‘must-have’ list. The mobile app allows you to do everything that you can do from the web interface.

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