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Some Thoughts On Reading

  1. It’s okay to read a book and not agree with parts of it. Don’t ignore a title simply because you don’t like something the author has written.
  2. Audiobooks are great when traveling long distances. Or when you know you’re going to spend a lot of time waiting (in a queue, traffic etc.)
  3. Reading = Learning. And outlearning everyone around you is the surest way to add value to your life and the lives of people you care for.
  4. It’s useful to maintain a summary book. This is simply a place for you to jot down thoughts & ideas that come to you as you’re reading a book. Also, if there are parts of the book you’d like to refer to later on, you can make a note of them in your summary book. Essentially, my summary book has snapshots of the books I’ve read.
  5. Recommending a book to someone doesn’t mean that you endorse or agree with everything that’s mentioned in the book. It also doesn’t mean you agree with everything the author says / does / believes. Be wise enough to understand this whether you’re the one doing the recommending or a title is being recommended to you.
  6. Own books that are worth re-reading. In the first place, build a habit of reading books that ignite a fire within you. Get hold of books that gently nudge you to broaden the horizons of your mind. Own books that force you to ask real, difficult, meaningful questions.
  7. Don’t lend anyone your books. If you truly want to recommend a title to people¬†you care about, buy copies of your favourite books and gift these to them.

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