Someone Should Do Something

Someone Should Do Something

“Someone should do something”

It’s a phrase you’ve probably heard or used hundreds of times.


Whenever we notice something wrong in the world around us, our instinctive reaction is to look for someone who will fix it. Regardless of the nature of the issue, we spend more time debating who is responsible for taking the initiative than actually doing something about the problem. Slowly but surely, many of us are becoming individuals who are content to raise issues, rant about them on Facebook and spend the best hours of our lives arguing the technicalities of the problems we notice.

You notice problems with the youth, healthcare structures, the education system or any other aspect of society. Great, now what are YOU doing about it? How are YOU contributing to the solution? How will YOU make a difference in the world?

There are thousands of individuals the world over, who took the time and made the effort to make a difference. They collectively impact the lives of millions around the globe. They didn’t question whether their efforts would solve the entire problem. They just did whatever was in their capability. As an example, here’s a man who noticed that too many homes in his neighbourhood had leaking taps and nobody was doing anything about the water wastage. He didn’t just write a letter to the newspaper. He didn’t blame the community leaders or his local government. He started fixing taps. His efforts have saved over 1.5 million litres of water from being wasted. Read more here

Stop waiting for community organisations to do the work. Stop waiting for the government to improve your life. Stop waiting for ‘someone’ to do ‘something’. Be the ‘someone’ and go do ‘something’!