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All successful individuals and masters of their crafts know that it’s hard, even impossible to do great work if your mind is distracted.

One of the most important prerequisites of great work is the ability to exclude yourself from everything happening around you. When this happens, you have a chance to look within yourself and become aware of the type of person you are. You get to observe your emotions and assess your responses to everything and everyone around you. You give yourself an opportunity to get comfortable with the issues you’ve been avoiding.

It doesn’t matter if if it’s 30 minutes or 3 hours, being alone gives you a chance to completely dedicate yourself to your craft. This is when you will have an opportunity to use your talents without any outside interference. So that the end-result is something you can truly be proud of; something that’s simply amazing.

To find and do the work you were created for, cultivate the mindset of regularly doing 2 things:

  1. Being alone.
  2. Being silent.

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