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Everybody wants to progress. Everybody tries at some point or the other to make improvements to their life.Yet very few people find themselves actually succeeding and living the lives they envisage for themselves. One of the main reasons for this is our affinity to become accustomed to a comfort-zone and then vociferously fight to remain in it. Every time you make excuses or find reasons not to try; you’re fighting to remain in your zone of comfort. The zone of mediocrity and under-achievement. The zone that you’re familiar with but also the zone that’s not going to help you improve your life.

You will progress the most when your comfort-zone is disturbed. When you’re forced to fight for what you want and being strong/resourceful/creative is the only option you have.

Solution: Disrupt Your Comfort

Start setting bigger goals and dreaming more audaciously. Try things you’ve been avoiding. Get comfortable with the fears that have been suffocating your potential and dimming the light on your dreams.  As long as you set yourself challenging goals, you will continue progressing. When your goals become too easy to achieve or you have no goals, you will find that you stop progressing and start stagnating. When things are too easy, you don’t progress. Similarly, you can’t progress if you run from difficult things.

Become familiar with abandoning your comfort-zone and strive to immerse yourself in projects and experiences that disrupt your usual habits and ways of thinking. Speak to different people. Invite new people into your mastermind group. Try new strategies in your business. Anything, as long as it disrupts your comfort-zone.

When you reach the top of one mountain; find another higher one to climb.


“Your entire life has been about coordinating your comfort zone and your safety zone. Learning when to push and when to back off, understanding how it feels when you’re about to hit a danger zone. Like the fox, we’ve been trained to stay inside the fence, because inside the fence is where it’s safe—until it’s too late.

We don’t have time to reevaluate the safety zone every time we make a decision, so over time, we begin to forget about the safety zone and merely pay attention to its twin sister, the comfort zone. We assume that what makes us comfortable also makes us safe.

The fence holding us back is no longer there, but we still feel comfortable with the old boundaries. Now that a revolution has hit, now that the economy is upside down and the rules have changed, we have to confront an obvious truth: The safety zone has changed, but your comfort zone has not. Those places that felt safe—the corner office, the famous college, the secure job—aren’t. You’re holding back, betting on a return to normal, but in the new normal, your resistance to change is no longer helpful.

We’ve built a world where it’s possible to fly higher than ever, and the tragedy is that we’ve been seduced into believing that we ought to fly ever lower instead” – Seth Godin

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