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Stop Complaining,Start Living

* Too many people spend their days complaining about everything that is wrong in their lives, without actually making an effort to improve their circumstances. Blaming others for your circumstances does nothing to improve where you are in life right now

* Remember that every time you blame someone else for your unhappiness, you evade taking personal responsibility. The more you evade personal responsibility the less control you have over your life

Let it not be that the best moments of our life pass us by while we’re busy complaining


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  • […] There are enough complainers in the world. Instead of being a person who complains about everything that’s wrong with their life,use your energies and intelligence to craft an extraordinary life, a life you can one day be proud of. Perfect situations don’t exist, work with what you have and you will be blessed with that which you don’t have. Read…(Stop Complaining,Start Living) […]

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