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Stop Waiting for Recognition

When carrying out your life’s work don’t measure your success by the amount of praise/recognition you receive. There are many who will mock your work; many who will try to distract you from your purpose and many who will tell others not to believe in you.

You are responsible for leading a life that will bear testimony to the fact that you have lived fully, you are not here to lead a life that has been mapped out by others.

A golden principle (which I shared at an event recently) to remember when trying to get things done is, “Focus on what concerns you, do the best that you can and let the fact that you carry out your life’s work with passion be all the affirmation you need”.

Take the example of a person who wants to write. His first pieces of writing will not be featured in famous journals/publications. His writing may not be as great as a bestselling author & the general public will most probably not know that he even exists.

This person has 2 options:

1. He can consider all the points I just mentioned and forget the idea of ever becoming a writer. He can convince himself that great writers are those who are famous/rich etc.  and since he isn’t any of these he should find something else to do – When we do this, when we play small with our dreams, we sell ourselves short. When we make excuses we are running from our dreams.


2. He can write

Stop waiting for recognition,affirmation & praise. It’s time for you to be brave. Do your life’s work because it’s what you love to do.

Too many people get demotivated and lose their focus simply because nobody acknowledges the work they do. You get just one chance at life; make it count!

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  • Naim Ghoul says:

    Thank you for this post. It gives me a good push forward which I need. My problems can be traced back to “waiting for recognition and praise from other people”. When I did not have that , I got frustrated, depressed and withdrawn.

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