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The Best In The World

It’s impossible to truthfully describe a person, product or brand as “the best in the world”.

Making such a statement would imply that we’ve given every single human being, business & organisation a chance to prove whether they have something better or as good as “the best in the world.”

When someone wins an Olympic gold medal for the 100m sprint, does that automatically mean that nobody else in the world can run faster than them? Or does it mean that nobody who was allowed to competeĀ on that day, in that specific race was faster than them?

You might argue that all the runners were selected as theĀ fastest runners in their countries and therefore, the fastest human beings on the planet were competing in that race.

When someone is selected to represent their country in a sport, we assume that they are the finest that country has to offer. Obviously, though, everyone in the country didn’t participate in the selection process. Also, every runner may not have been interested in getting selected in the first place.

Yet we still refer to individuals & brands as “the best in the world”.

Why? Because they’ve managed to command the most attention. They dominate the platforms where they showcase their talent/offering. They make the loudest noise and so they drown out the possibility of us even considering a competitor.

What are you selling? What do you stand for? What do you believe in?

Make some noise about it.

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