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The world champion isn’t necessarily the best at what he/she does.

There could well be someone with undiscovered talent/s who could easily outperform the person we know and refer to as “the best”.

For example, the average untrained Kenyan long-distance runner could quite possibly out-pace highly-trained, more famous athletes. Maybe he won’t get discovered by talent scouts. Maybe he doesn’t want to run in the Olympics. Even though we may never know him, he could still be the fastest long-distance runner in the world.

Is a world-famous chef better than a chef you’ve never heard of? Not necessarily. The famous one just got more publicity.

The same applies to every other profession, service, sport, talent & product.

See, the people who are recoginsed as leaders in any given field might not be the best, but they make the loudest noise.

Your brand, talents, products, services etc. can’t be fully leveraged unless we hear of it. Go, make some noise.

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