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The Craving That Will Kill You Before You Get A Chance To Live

The Craving That Will Kill You

I used to drink cool drinks. Fairly regularly might I add. Then one day, 4 years ago I decided not to have them anymore.

In the beginning it was tough-ish, I suppose because my mind was conditioned to drink something sugary and fizzy with certain foods or on hot days etc. Anyway, I swapped cool drinks & juices for water.

Side note: To massively improve your health and your future, quit drinking all soft drinks.

I don’t think I could say I was addicted to drinks with a high sugar content (although they say denial is the first step an addict needs to overcome) but I definitely used to experience a craving.

While most cravings are unhealthy in one way or the other; some are fatal.


Even though the human-race manages to regularly find ways to waste untold amounts of time, innately everyone wants to know that they’re not wasting their lives.

We want to know that our work matters; that we matter to someone.

So we try to remind ourselves that we are important in the greater scheme of things; that we are still vital cogs in the machine of human interaction.

We measure our “importance” by diligently keeping track of how many people are approving of our lives.

How many Instagram likes will my latest picture get? How many shares does my Facebook status get? How can I get more people to re-tweet me?

Let me announce that I’m deactivating my Facebook account and see how many people ask me not to. If people don’t know my title / profession how will they address me correctly?

What if they think I’m less important / sophisticated / educated / wealthy than I think I am?

We’ve created a culture where we’re constantly yearning for some sort of interaction from anyone – even a complete stranger – who will tell us, “I have taken note of your existence. I want the life you’re living. I think your picture is nice and that you are an important / funny / fascinating / attractive / knowledgeable person. Please don’t leave Facebook…your absence will affect me.”

You can’t be free unless you let go of the craving to have others approve of you.

Read that last line again. Then read it one more time.

Double-tapping, favouriting, clicking “like” and “share” buttons – none of this means that people like you. They’ve literally only lifted a finger and managed to make you (temporarily) happy.

Your emotions are important, delicate aspects of your life. People will only start respecting your emotions once you do.

Staying in an abusive relationship simply because you’re worried about what people will say (whether they will be happy with your decision), is a sure way to guarantee that the abuse continues.

Millions of dreams lie abandoned in the depths of the hearts of individuals who asked themselves, “What will people say?”. They’re still busy answering that question. Of course, they’ll never find an answer because people will only have something to say if you do something in the first place. And if you’re asking questions like that, the chances are quite high that you’re not going to be doing much.

Often, people who are deeply unhappy are the way they are because too many people have played with their most personal emotions.

Please stop allowing others to dictate the level of your happiness.

Waking up every morning and trying to find out if people still approved of the image of your life that you’ve managed to portray, indicates that you’re not entirely comfortable with the life you’re building.

I’m not saying you should shun social media. I’m not saying that everyone who posts pictures/status updates/tweets etc is looking for validation. I’ve used social media as 1 example because its appeal is universal.

What I am saying is that if you allow feigned, meaningless admiration to define your happiness and if you constantly crave society’s approval you will die before you get a chance to live.

And the world needs you to live.

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